About MSA

MarketShare Associates (MSA) is a socially-driven global consulting firm committed to creating, implementing and measuring innovative economic development programming. We take a collaborative approach to working with businesses, development agencies, and donors who seek to catalyze improvement in market systems and empower people to take advantage of economic opportunities across Latin America, Africa and Asia. We work with the private sector (e.g., McKinsey & Company, KPMG, PWC), bilateral and multilateral funders (e.g., International Finance Corporation, DFID, USAID), and NGOs (e.g., Aga Khan Foundation, TechnoServe, CARE) to achieve impact across three key practice areas:

  • Results Measurement, Learning and Evaluation
  • Market Systems Facilitation
  • Economic Empowerment

Our team is deeply passionate about the work that we do. We recognize that inclusive economic development is a complex and dynamic process that unfolds within unique social, cultural, political and environmental contexts. As such, we are committed to bringing a spirit of curiosity, humility and excitement to our work. We pride ourselves on being a learning organization, continuously pushing the frontiers of knowledge development within our field, while being rooted in a strong community of practice, both locally and internationally.

Since 2009, MSA has conducted nearly 100 assignments for 23 clients across 22 countries.    We work together with clients from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors across the world to address critical barriers to equitable economic growth, facilitate empowering opportunities in education and business, and measure the results.

Our Approach

Our team is committed to achieving the highest quality services, born out of our sincere commitment to improve people’s lives.

MSA works with innovative businesses, development agencies, and donors that operate (or seek to operate) as market facilitators and catalysts to improve market systems and empower people to take advantage of economic opportunities.

We are committed to:

  • Conducting rigorous research and analysis
  • Unlocking the complexity of market and people dynamics
  • Building local capabilities
  • Fostering trust and dedication
  • Providing insights into why change happens (or not)
  • Making impacts more sustainable and inclusive

We hope to serve as brokers of creativity and positive change for our clients, people and the overall complex systems in which we live.

MSA is a value-driven social enterprise committed to diligent, creative work for its clients and the people it hopes to impact.  MSA is consistently seeking new partners to work with and new team members to help expand our knowledge. If you would like further information about our services, partnerships or careers, please write to info@marketshareassociates.com. You can also view our current position openings HERE.


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