Find out more about MSA’s take on success factors and lessons learned. The following publications have been authored by MSA or by its consultants.

  • Market Systems Facilitation

    • MicroLinks 2016. Reconsidering the Concept of Scale in Market Systems Development
    • Markets and Poverty in Northern Kenya:  Towards a Financial Graduation Model.  Financial Sector Deepening Kenya.  September 2012.
    • New Article
    • Integrating Food Security and the Value Chain Approach:  Briefing Paper.  March 2012.
    • Savings Groups on the Pathway to Graduation:  PSNP Plus in Ethiopia. January 2012.
    • Pathways Out of Poverty Analysis Toolkit.  microREPORT #180.  October 2011.
    • Pathways Out of Poverty:  Applying Key Principles of the Value Chain Approach to Reach the Very Poor. microREPORT #173.  September 2011.
    • Beyond Financial Services:  A Synthesis of Studies on the Integration of Savings Groups and Other Developmental Activities.  Geneva:  Aga Khan Foundation, April 2011.
    • Linking Basic Financial Services and Agricultural Input and Output Markets for Smallholder Farmers in Zimbabwe. 2011.
    • Linking Informal Savings Groups to Agricultural Marketing in Tanzania. 2011.

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