Measuring the Results of Women’s Economic Empowerment in Private Sector Development

Guidelines for Practitioners


Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) – Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Working Group 


July 2014


Erin Markel

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About the Publication 

Most guidelines on women’s economic empowerment focus on theory of guiding implementation practices (e.g. conducting gender analysis, designing successful interventions) but not on measurement practices specifically tailored to private sector development (PSD) programs. Moreover, more PSD programs focus on measuring enterprise-level results instead of household level results. This document presents the key findings on measurement practices of women’s economic empowerment specifically. These guidelines aim at:

  • Providing practical advice to practitioners seeking to measure women’s economic 
empowerment (WEE) in PSD programming;
  • Documenting how to make each aspect of results measurement more gender-responsive;
  • Highlighting important issues in results measurement for practitioners focused on WEE, paying 
particular attention to measuring household-level changes.

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