Research and Evaluation

Our research and evaluation services take various forms and encompass many topics.  Combining practical methodologies and the most up-to-date analytical frameworks and tools with close client engagement, our approach helps our clients gain deep insights in a cost-effective and practical manner.  Our team members have expertise in quantitative and qualitative research and evaluation methodologies. Our services comprise a spectrum of rigor; from statistically representative quantitative work to informal rapid market research.  We believe there are unique research and evaluation needs, given specific project situations and objectives. We are committed to helping clients figure out what best fits their circumstance and what is most useful and efficient. We have provided support throughout all research phases including design and survey methodology, instrument development, enumerator training, implementation and data collection, data analysis, report writing and capacity building.

Our research services have included:

  • Upfront market research for new projects
  • M4P / market systems and value chain analysis
  • Gender and youth related analysis
  • Labour market assessments
  • Service provider assessments
  • Case studies
  • Learning products and publications. Please click here for sample learning products.

Our evaluation services have included:

  • Baselines / Midlines / Endlines
  • External evaluations and impact assessments
  • Internal evaluations, reviews and organizational assessments
  • Value for money assessments
  • Gender audits and youth suitability assessments
  • DCED audits. For more information please click here.

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