Social Norms and Systems Change

Final Performance Report


Leveraging Economic Opportunities

Social Norms and Systems Change


December 2016


Mike Klassen
Holly Shakya
Ben Cislaghi
Erin Markel
Scott Merrill
Marcus Jenal
Raksha Vasudevan
Anna Garloch

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About the Publication

This research brief captures the experience of one group of practitioners interested in integrating knowledge on social norms from fields outside of market systems into their work on identifying and measuring systemic change. The group includes representatives from MarketShare Associates (MSA), CARE International, Habitat for Humanity International, ACDI/VOCA and Mesopartner. The social norms specialists are Ben Cislaghi from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Holly Shakya from the University of California San Diego.
This research brief outlines key ideas from social norms theory and explores implications for research and implementation by market systems development (MSD) programmes. It is meant to help programme teams grasp the social norms at play in their current situation so they can factor them into intervention design and iteration by monitoring the impacts of their interventions.

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