Getting There from Here
New MSA research conducted for the BEAM Exchange examines the incentives and constraints to adaptive programming across the donor-implementer relationship.
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Creative Solutions. Together.
MSA partners with businesses, development agencies, and donors alike to address the most pressing barriers to equitable economic development.
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  • Our Services

    Research and Evaluation

    Our research and evaluation services take various forms and encompass many topics. Combining practical methodologies and the most up-to-date analytical frameworks and tools with close client engagement, our approach helps our clients gain deep insights in a cost-effective and practical manner. […]

    Program Development

    Given our team’s on-the-ground technical expertise, we understand the concrete needs of local projects. That said, our team has also worked with many multi-lateral, bi-lateral and donor agencies, as well as private foundations and knows what these agencies are expecting when it comes to proposals and project design. […]


    MSA works together with clients from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to advise and offer implementation support throughout the project cycle. This advisory role is a core service within MSA. It can include targeted inputs linked to specific outputs, longer-term technical support or full implementation. […]


    MSA applies practical training approaches that are tailored to client demand. Our trainings are often in the form of what we call ‘real-time’ capacity building, whereby the training is conducted at the project site and draws from experiences that a project is working through at that given moment. […]

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