Research and Evaluation

Our research and evaluation services take various forms and encompass many topics.   Combining practical methodologies and the most up-to-date analytical frameworks and tools with close client engagement, our approach helps our clients gain deep insights in a cost-effective and practical manner.  Our team members have expertise in quantitative and qualitative research and evaluation methodologies. Our services comprise a spectrum of rigor; from statistically representative quantitative work to informal rapid market research.  We believe there are unique research and evaluation needs, given specific project situations and objectives. We are committed to helping clients figure out what best fits their circumstance and what is most useful and efficient. We have provided support throughout all research phases including design and survey methodology, instrument development, enumerator training, implementation and data collection, data analysis, report writing and capacity building.

Our research services have included:

  • Upfront market research for new projects
  • M4P / market systems and value chain analysis
  • Gender and youth related analysis
  • Labour market assessments
  • Service provider assessments
  • Case studies
  • Learning products and publications. Please click HERE for sample learning products.

Our evaluation services have included:

  • Baselines / Midlines / Endlines
  • External evaluations and impact assessments
  • Internal evaluations, reviews and organizational assessments
  • Value for money assessments
  • Gender audits and youth suitability assessments
  • DCED Standard audits. For more information please click HERE.


Program Development

Given our team’s on-the-ground technical expertise, we understand the concrete needs of local projects. That said, our team has also worked with many multi-lateral, bi-lateral and donor agencies, as well as private foundations and knows what these agencies are expecting when it comes to proposals and project design.  MSA’s strength is therefore in bridging the knowledge gap for projects around donor expectations and providing technical inputs that are practical and recognized as global good practices.  Our services here have included:

  • Drafting full proposals together with project staff
  • Facilitating workshops with project staff to unpack theories of change, results logic, framework development and initial work planning
  • Providing technical inputs on proposals
  • Recruitment support



MSA works together with clients from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to advise and offer implementation support throughout the project cycle.  This advisory role is a core service within MSA.  It can include targeted inputs linked to specific outputs, longer-term technical support or full implementation over the life of a project. For example, our results measurement services have provided targeted support at the onset of project design, creating donor-specific, yet project-useful logical frameworks, results chains and performance measurement plans, and then helped build project team capacity to set up, maintain and implement these monitoring and evaluations systems. On the other hand, we have ourselves fully realized the design, set-up, monitoring tools and systems development, and implementation of baselines and other assessments for clients where there may be limited project capacity or projects are looking for a trusted M&E partner.  Overall, these services have included:

  • Technical input on project design
  • Technical capacity building
  • Streamlining management practices
  • Designing, setting up and implementing monitoring systems
  • Work planning and strategy development
  • Implementing and capacity building around the DCED Standard



MSA applies practical training approaches that are tailored to client demand. Our trainings are often in the form of what we call ‘real-time’ capacity building, whereby the training is conducted at the project site and draws from experiences that a project is working through at that given moment.

We also do technical trainings on various topics including market systems / M4P, and gender and youth-responsive design and implementation, and all aspects of M&E. MSA also offers training in the DCED Standard and its implementation. Our team helps each client build a curriculum that suits their needs. We guarantee high quality trainers with many years of practical experience.

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