Agrilinks blog post: Driving Innovations to Scale in Agricultural Market Systems

Smallholder farmers represent a majority of the world’s farmers and a majority of the world’s poor. Low agricultural productivity is a key driver of their poverty. Yet while the application of improved inputs such as fertilizer, agrochemicals and seeds have significant potential to increase both agricultural yields and farmer income, input access among smallholder farmers remains low. Over the past six months, Leveraging Economic Opportunities (LEO) has researched models focused on increasing smallholder utilization of improved inputs as a means to improve yields and incomes at scale.
MarketShare Associates has contributed to this research project, and recently co-authored a blog post with Dan White of ACDI/VOCA on driving innovation to scale for input delivery, as part of a partnership between Agrilinks and USAID’s LEO project.

To read the full post, please visit the Agrilinks website by clicking HERE.

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