The Social Norms Factor: How gendered social norms influence how we empower women in market systems development


BEAM Exchange


July 2016


Erin Markel
Emilie Gettliffe
Linda Jones
Emily Miller
Laura Kim

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About the Publication

This paper explores how social norms influence women’s economic empowerment in market systems development, and what practical lessons might be learned. It documents how gendered social norms are currently understood in academic research, then attempts to present the current state of practice for market systems programmes via two in-depth cases, and seven mini-cases. The evidence around defining, applying, measuring and documenting good practices in programming for gendered social norms in market systems is in its very early stages, and the tools and lessons documented in this report have yet to be widely tested. This report therefore provides an initial evidence base by documenting current practices, putting forth promising programmatic strategies and future recommendations for further exploration and testing.


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